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Dear Sirs,

we have updated our web-page:

  1. We now have included the complete product-range of more than 3.500 articles from our print-catalogue, with all technical data and the daily updated stock-levels in our electronic catalogue on our web-page.
  2. The inquiry-module where you can apply for a detailed offer is working again
  3. In the Download-section you can download a PDF file of our complete actual catalogue or defined product sub-sections such as DIN69871, HSK or VDI.
  4. Now it's possible to print a "product information sheet" for each product-category, for example "collet chucks in MAS-BT40" including: picture, drawing, technical description and measurement table
  5. The corresponding attachment articles are clearly displayed / linked below each product category.
  6. Under "Technical Information" ( on each page on the left hand side below) you will find manuals, information concerning tightening-torque and balancing, KFH-product advantages etc.

It is part of our philosophy to be able to deliver 95% ex stock, as well as to give our customers a friendly and competent consultancy.
Try us - our Sales team is eagerly waiting to help you!

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DIN 69871 - Precision-Drill chuck - SK40



DIN 69871 - Precision-Drill chuck - SK50